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4 Ways to Make Your Presentation Brighter

Despite the willingness of modern business to rely on the Internet, one still cannot ignore good old presentations delivered face-to-face. It doesn’t matter to whom you deliver them – to business colleagues, potential investors or people you need feedback from – a successful presentation makes all the difference in the world. And remember: a presentation is not simply a collection of slides with some captions. It is everything you do: voice, body language, choice of words, everything. Want to know more? Read the tips below.

1. Capture Their Attention First

Delivering a business presentation is akin to giving a speech – if you don’t capture the listeners’ attention from the get-go, you have already failed. That’s why it is important to establish your credibility in the very beginning, and do it concisely. No prolonged enumeration of your major career steps, no company’s history – just a short intro that will make them believe you are about to say something relevant. A great way to capture attention is to discuss work that went into the project, or a particular experience associated with it, for example.

2. Deliver, Don’t Read

If you’ve been present at any number of business presentations, you probably know that sitting through a presentation reading from notes is one of the most boring experiences in business. If you read your entire presentation, you do not simply fail to engage your audience, you threaten to bore them to death. Therefore, bear in mind that you are going to deliver your presentation, not read it word-for word. You already have visual aids before you,...  Read More

Melissa Burns

I am a young entrepreneur. I am passionate about digital technologies and try to implement them in the sphere of education. I observe all the news connected with online tools and always ready to tell about them.

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