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7 Backpacking Trips that Are Better in Winter

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Don't put your tent in storage just yet. During our colder months, some great southern hemisphere trails shine and a few too-hot-for-summer circuits open up in our southerly states and in the Caribbean. From a couple of weeks to a few days, here are some worthy long walks to take this winter that don't involve snow.

W Trek, Patagonia

35 miles; 4 days; November to March


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On the W Trek in Chile's Torres Del Paine National Park, you’re never far from view of the iconic, glaciated granite spires that sore eight thousand feet into the air above Patagonia. The trek boasts stunning mountain scenery: turquoise alpine lakes, enormous glaciers, and beech forests covered in old man's beard. Weather on this track is notoriously temperamental but is most stable during our winter. Intrepid runs tours for the uninitiated, but if you've been on an overnight and feel comfortable navigating in a Spanish-speaking country, you can do it yourself. Tack on a few more days to do the Circuit—a 10-day, 52-mile journey around the entire Torres Del Paine National Park, including the W.  

Ozark Highlands Trail, Arkansas

165 contiguous miles (218 total); 10-14 days; October to Early February

The Ozark Highlands Trail is one of the few American trails etched into the...  Read More

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