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Anson Williams Proves That “Sixty Is the New Sexy”! (and “100” is the Magic Number in “The Perfect Portion Cookbook”!)

Category : Book Review

Actor Anson Williams cemented his status in American pop culture playing the likeable "square" Potsie Weber on the iconic TV show "Happy Days". That beloved sitcom may have had its "final" episode in September 1984, but the show's appeal and fan base have proven to transcend the generations. After "Happy Days", Williams has been busier than ever as a television director, producer, and businessman. He's also a self-proclaimed food lover-- and as we enter 2016, Williams has entered some tasty new territory! The energetic entrepreneur has created "The Perfect Portion Cookbook", which he's co-authored with Mona Dolgov and Bob Warden. The launch of this new project may have been motivated by William's own personal quest for health and fitness (More about that later...!), but the ultimate mission of the book is much larger in scope: To have its readers learn a new way of staying lean and lively, while still enjoying their "tried and true" comfort foods -- 100 calories at a time!

It's no mystery that the Unites States has a weight problem. There are infinite resources about food and nutrition available from the internet, magazines, and books. There's an increased availability of "light" foods, artificial sweeteners, and over-the-counter weight loss supplements. So, what's going on? While there have been volumes written...  Read More

Jed Ryan

Jed Ryan has been a New York City-based freelance writer and photographer with a focus on LGBTQ issues since 1994. He won The Stonewall Society Pride in the Arts Awards "Reviewer of the Year" Award in 2005 and The Pride In the Arts "MOJO" Award in 2010. Through the years his writings and photographs have appeared in a wide variety of print magazines and websites. Jed is also a burlesque artist who performs regularly in New York City and Philadelphia. He lives with his husband Joe Aiello and their three "kids": a skunk, a mongoose, and a leopard gecko.

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