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Been There Done That: An Inside Look at Power Couple Al Roker and Deborah Roberts

Category : Book Review

Al Roker and Deborah Roberts are a true New York power couple. He is the genial "Today" show weatherman and she is the inquisitive "20/20" reporter. They have been married twenty plus years and are raising two children, Leila and Nick. Roker has a daughter Courtney from a previous marriage and she is also an important part of their lives. They have co-written a book with Laura Morton that describes some of their background and also their philosophies on marriage, family and career.

The book is mostly written with Roker and Roberts having individual segments where they opine on different situations in their lives and what they have learned from them. Occasionally they will write a segment together. These joint segments are never as good as their individual ones so it is good they are of a limited number.

What makes the book enjoyable is the warmth it exudes. Both Roker and Roberts come across as people who love family above all else. It is the end all and be all for them. That is not to say they are not determined careerists. They are both still very actively pursuing great career moments, but they also are raising a teen and a pre-teen and have to make sure their needs are taken care of in the way that provides a secure environment.

Deborah especially seems to have sacrificed some career goals in order to be there for her...  Read More

Jackie K. Cooper

Jackie K Cooper is a film critic whose movie reviews appear on his personal website www.jackiekcooper.com, as well as several others such as rottentomatoes.com. His reviews also run in an assortment of newspapers in Georgia. In addition he is a featured guest on radio and TV shows across the South. Cooper is also the author of seven books, the latest being MEMORY'S MIST: THE VIEW FROM THE JOURNEY which was published in September 2013. He was one of the founders of the Southeastern Film Critics Association and is also a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association. Cooper can be reached at [email protected]

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