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Before It’s Too Late: 10 Things Empty Nesters Want Parents Of Little Kids To Know

As I’ve often said, you think you’ll remember every key moment of your kids’ lives — but you won’t. And that’s why I’ve decided to put forth a bit of advice from parents who’ve already raised their kids to those who are still in the trenches.

1. The older the children get, the more you realize how precious the time is.

“When they are little you feel they will be that way forever! Therefore, take as many family vacations together as possible. They make lasting memories of real quality time spent together. Once they go to college and have their own responsibilities, it just gets more complicated.” — S.W.

2. Get to know their friends.

“Encourage them to have their friends to your house. You learn more about your kids from whom they befriend than anything else. Be non-judgmental and open to discussion about anything so when they are away they won’t feel like anything is off limits to discuss with you if they need to.” — L.S.

3. Have family dinners often and make them a priority.

“The dinner table is a place for sharing all that’s important with unconditional love, respect and openness to discussing ideas. Make it a safe place to be heard and not judged.” — J.C.

4. At the end of every year, sit down with your child and write down their...  Read More

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