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Computer Monitor vs TV: Consider the Following Differences

Category : Product Reviews

If you’re looking for the best computer monitor or the best smart TV, consider the following differences. That way, you can make a better decision based on your intended use.

You can watch shows on your computer monitor or play games on your TV. They are almost always interchangeable with the right components, but they are designed very differently.


On average, monitors are smaller than TVs. A computer monitor may be as big as 30 inches while TVs are almost limitless when it comes to screen size. The idea behind this design is that people sit closer to their computers, so they don’t need to be visible from far away.

If you’re mounting an HD TV from the wall power supply in a sports bar, you want something more extensive. Then everyone can see with a favorable aspect ratio and better picture quality, so they can gather and watch the game comfortably from any angle.

It’s worth mentioning that TVs are designed with wider viewing angles and better resolution for this purpose. You can gather around a TV in your living room and see it from almost anywhere.


When comparing the display and HDMI input of a computer monitor vs. TV, the ports aren’t all that different. They both come with at least one HDMI cable port, DVI, USB, and VGA. You can connect many different types of components from DVD players, including a laptop and gaming consoles, to Chromecast streaming devices and flash drives.


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