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LG Display Shows Off Paper-Thin OLED Wall TV

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Who doesn’t like a chance to show off? LG sure does – the Display division of the electronics company took time on Tuesday to show off a new wallpaper-thin OLED TV in its homeland of Korea.

OLED is already the cutting edge of picture color quality, and prices for OLED screens are still high enough to keep them largely out of consumer homes…at least for now. This make’s LG Display’s feat all the more extraordinary. Their engineers have managed to create a 55-inch screen that is less than a millimeter thick and only weigh 1.9 kilograms.

That is so seriously thin that it requires a magnetic base to hold it against the wall and a Korean model to peel the screen off like a sticker to show how it works.


OLED is already a great technology: That extra O on the LED is for organic, a whole new layer that allows for extra-thin, flexible, and self-illuminating screens that will change the high-definition game forever. The problem is the price, which...  Read More

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