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Microsoft Surface Book: The MacBook Killer in Waiting

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Everyone expected Microsoft to say something about the Surface 4 in its early October event…but few were expecting an entirely new machine as well. That, however, is what we got with the Surface Book laptop, a new model that Microsoft is aiming squarely at MacBooks and similar lightweight, often professional computers.

The Surface Book isn’t exactly a laptop – the top can be folded around and detached completely to work on its own as a tablet. But this hybrid functionality aside, when the keyboard and screen are together it really does look like a laptop.

The screen is a 135-inch display, RAM is provided up to 16GB GDDR5, and there’s a sixth-gen Intel processor inside too. Microsoft claimed that the Book could be about twice as fast as a MacBook at its conference.

In addition to the extra-flexible screen, the Book is also made to be used with the Surface Stylus, if the many press photos are any indication. Microsoft seems to be appealing to a wide range of users here, from business professionals to designers, artists, and others (with the latter groups more likely to gravitate to MacBooks thus far).


Of course, the Surface Book does share some strengths with the...  Read More

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