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There’s No Reason We Couldn’t Have Let Jason Statham Play Steve Jobs

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I’m sure Michael Fassbender will be fine as Steve Jobs. He’s got the piercing eyes, and the gravitas, and a talented director in Danny Boyle guiding the performance, and really everything else you could ever want to take on the role of the visionary, mercurial Apple founder. And he looks great in a black turtleneck and glasses. He’ll be fine. He’ll be fine.

But I wouldn’t be doing my job as a pop-culture critic if I didn’t bring something to your attention here. There’s really no reason we couldn’t have let Jason Statham play Steve Jobs.

Like, that was an option. Before any of the roles were cast, when the whole movie was nothing but words on the page, someone could have sent the script to Jason Statham and offered him the role. Everything else could have stayed exactly the same. Watch this trailer and imagine all of the Sorkin-scribed words being said by Jason Statham — in his regular voice, making no attempt to do an American accent — instead of Michael Fassbender, and then try to tell me you wouldn’t watch that movie.

“Oi sat in GAR-age an’ infented the future.” Oscars here we come.

But maybe you’re still skeptical. Maybe you’ve seen the trailers and now have your heart fully set on Fassbender in the Sorkin/Boyle version of the movie. Maybe you read my idea and said “Interesting, but I’ll pass.” That’s fine, too. You’re wrong, but it’s fine. It was just an exercise in hypotheticals anyway, as the movie’s been shot and edited, and it’s too late to do anything but dream Statham into the role. But this brings me to my second point…

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