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Video: Epic Humvee Airdrop Fail

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Unless the US Army meant to bombard the area with old humvees, something went seriously wrong in this airdrop. According TACAIRNET.com, the US Army’s 173 Airborne Brigade was participating in an airdrop exercise in Hohenfels, Germany this week when three humvees (otherwise known as High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles) were damaged or destroyed due to a botched airdrop.

As you can see in this video, around the 20 second mark the first humvee breaks free from its parachutes and plummets towards the ground. Judging by the cloud of dust the impact raised, dropping a humvee from the air could actually produce a formidable weapon—if somewhat cost inefficient. Two more humvees later follow their comrade into an untimely demise.

Certainly an embarrassing moment for the brigade. According to US Army Garrison Hohenfels, the training exercise, known as  Saber Junction 16, includes 5,000 participants from 16 NATO and European nations.

Photos of the damaged humvee are embedded after the video. Video includes some profanity.

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