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Why People Often Fail To Lose Belly Fat

You happily grab an ice-cream, but the moment your teeth comes into contact with it, it feels numb or even painful. All the great mood is gone.

You may have already heard that using toothpaste that’s for sensitive tooth can help as it’s very often advertised. Yes, it works. But there’s a rarely mentioned trick, that costs no money, while can soothe your sensitive teeth instantly.

That is, just use your non-dominant hand instead of dominant hand when brushing your teeth.

This is because one major causes of sensitive tooth is over-brushing. When you’ve been using that force to brush your teeth for years, it can be quite hard to suppress yourself. When you use your non-dominant hand, using the same huge force becomes a huge challenge. And you’ll only be able to do brush your teeth slowly and gently.

Try it tonight and after a week you’ll be surprised how magically it works!

Featured photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/shockinglyoriginal/5439771811/in/photolist-9hGfDa-kgY3jv-LLj1M-pDCcfX-6Dcxb-9x3wLa-4mpdRf-4cxrLT-68wvsq-4nun3w-9kvjvc-ghAWC-c6hXQb-d1Gq1U-6GcXo1-4gX8zL-Etxg1-9mkAJf-bBQq8L-fASurg-6mAKxe-7z5Q7Z-vfpjn-9mkANS-dki7Yj-ikboYm-oNodbz-iorLDC-aS7MBR-6hR49Y-7KVjYQ-fASvkv-bb27Xe-5AFkqb-6tSTUh-kh57S4-atz1LW-6aAdin-6YYY79-Cti4k-riSnUb-5W3Pp5-4v9vek-8EMgnb-7cPPmt-SdEvMi-8vGnwi-88EonP-q9SZza-bMoudF via flickr.com

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